–         Be master of expected requests from the customers, make concerned persons who understand that requests clearly .

–         Let sale staffs negotiate with the customers to recognize risk implicitly which have ability to influence to quality , all measures of prevention for assuring the customers’ requests .

–         The matters are united by documents after signing contract .

–         Do propriately straight first time .

–         Control the process of orders execution .

–         When happening problems beyond of the control : Check and solve problems.

–         Identify the unsuitable products . Classify and repair immediately.

–         Inform with the customers the happened problems beyond of the control.

–         When the customers claim about quality , delivery or any problems . Request the customers supply pictures , proofs for the problems and then , we will improve them for next time .

–         Solve the compensation requests : BE calm and analyze the problems that the customers complained.  Find solutions promtly and fewest costs are accepted by customers